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Bed Bugs

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What Consumers Should Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs are also known as Cimex Lectularius. They’re ectoparasites that enjoy consuming human and animal blood. They try to consumer human blood when possible, but they’ll accept animal blood too. Bedbugs have received their name because they often hide in beds across your city. They prefer hiding in mattresses because this allows them to stay as close as possible to their favorite food source. Bedbugs are very small with most reaching 3/16 of an inch when they reach adulthood.

Why Are Bedbugs In My House?

What causes bedbugs to sneak into homes in your city? Does it have something to do with consumers failing to properly clean their homes? The answer is no. Bedbugs are not attracted to human food crumbs. Instead, they want to consume your blood and they can find numerous ways to sneak into your home. If you like purchasing used items, there is a greater risk that you’re going to experience a bedbug infestation soon. Bedbugs tend to hide in items, including furniture and clothes. You need to be careful when buying used items to make sure that they’re free of bugs.

Traveling abroad is rewarding, but it could lead to issues. If you choose the wrong motel room, you may take unwanted guests home with you. Finally, your neighbors might have a bedbug infestation. If this is the case, the bedbugs are going to travel from your neighbor’s house or apartment to yours. They usually don’t travel far, but it happens.

Understanding The Dangers Of Bedbugs

Since bedbugs bite, you are likely concerned that they’re incredibly dangerous. Is this accurate? Do you have to worry about bedbugs making you ill? The good news is that bedbugs are generally not dangerous. Bedbugs do not transmit diseases, so they likely won’t make you sick. However, they will prevent you from sleeping well at night. If you fail to get enough sleep, you’ll be more vulnerable to illnesses. Some bedbug bites will lead to itchy welts, but some do not cause any symptoms.

Ways To Eliminate Bedbugs

When it comes to a bedbug infestation, taking care of the issue as quickly as possible is pertinent. If you fail to do so, the bedbugs are going to breed rapidly and the problem will worsen. The good news is that we’re here to help. By using our bedbug canine inspection services, you can identify a bedbug infestation sooner. In addition to this, we offer a handful of bedbug removal services.


First and foremost, we offer manual bedbug removal services. Our manual services are best for immediately removing bedbugs from a certain room in your home or business building.

  • Recommended For – We recommend manual bedbug services when you need to quickly remove bedbugs from a confined area.
  • What You Have To Do – We’ll give you a list of things that need to be done before we arrive.
  • Are Chemicals Used? – Our manual services are available with and without chemicals.


Most of our clients prefer heat treatments because they’re safe and effective. Furthermore, our heat treatment can eliminate all bedbugs, including adults, babies, and eggs.

  • Recommended For – Our exterminators recommend heat for dealing with larger infestations in cluttered offices and homes.
  • What You Have To Do – Our clients don’t need to do much before we arrive.
  • Are Chemicals Used? – In general, we do not use chemicals when eliminating bedbugs with heat. However, we may use Diatomaceous Earth from time to time.


  • Recommended For – Our fumigation services are best for eliminating many bedbugs in large buildings. It is good for motels, hotels, and offices.
  • What You Have To Do? – Unfortunately, you’ll need to prepare for us, and you’ll need to leave for up to 48 hours.
  • Are Chemicals Used? – Our fumigation services use sulfuryl fluoride to eliminate bedbugs.

Could I Eliminate Bedbugs On My Own?

Although you might be able to eliminate some bedbugs on your own, you likely won’t be able to remove the entire infestation. If you want rapid, long-lasting results, we recommend working with a professional. DIY methods are often not effective. Plus, there is a risk that you’re going to misuse them and get ill. Instead of taking the risk, pick up the phone and use our services.

Our Exterminators Keep You Safe

We know that you’re eager to get rid of your bedbugs without exposing anyone to dangerous chemicals. As a result, we’ve decided to provide our clients with natural bedbug services. We do whatever we can to keep you safe including use EPA-registered products. Our exterminators only use chemicals and tools that have been proven safe around pets, people, and plants. Plus, they work diligently to keep you safe. Contact us with questions so we can put your mind at ease.

The Cost Of Eliminating Bedbugs

Unfortunately, many exterminators charge outrageous prices for their bedbug services. We strive to offer reasonably priced bedbug services. When we can eliminate your bedbugs using standard services, we’ll typically charge based on the size of your home. Before the procedure begins, our exterminator will make sure that you know what the price will be.

Preventing Future Bedbug Infestations

Keeping bedbugs out of your home isn’t easy. Give us a call and we’ll give you tips for securing your home so bedbugs cannot enter.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Contact us today and we’ll schedule an appointment for you. In general, we can respond in 48 hours or less.

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