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Living in Las Vegas can truly be a dream come true for a large quantity of people. The city is downright beautiful and incredibly lively. There is always something going on and always plenty to do. Unfortunately, residents of Las Vegas can sometimes run into hard times. A storm could blow in and tear a shingle or two from your rooftop. Or even worse, your house could be overrun by pests. Roaches, rodents, and termites can all be very devastating and they’ll all take a toll on you mentally and physically. Unfortunately, bed bugs are even worse! As the top bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas, we can tell you firsthand that bed bugs are back and they’re worse than ever before!

The mass majority of Las Vegas residents are unaware of bedbugs, their devastating effects, and their treatment options. We’re here to help and we will provide you with a wealth of information regarding the bed bug in Las Vegas below.


How They Enter

First and foremost, you should understand that a bed bug infestation is not your fault. Unlike many other pests, bed bugs aren’t attracted to dirt and filth. In fact, the bed bugs in Las Vegas NV are capable of targeting and infiltrating almost any home. And, they’re intelligent enough to slip in unnoticed in most situations. One of the most common ways for these bugs to enter a residential property is through the transfer of used furniture and clothing. Always thoroughly scan used items, before transporting them into your home.

At the same time, a stay at motel could result in an infestation. If the motel has a bedbug problem, these bugs will enter your luggage and cling to your clothing. Washing and drying your clothing and other belongings with high heat will prevent this from happening. And finally, bed bugs can easily travel over moderate distances. So, if a neighbor comes infested, you could very well be next.


Various Treatment Options

When it comes down to it, there are various ways to get rid of bedbugs, but not all techniques are effective or safe. With this in mind, it is essential to examine your options and find the one that will prove to be best for your individualistic needs and preferences. First and foremost, it is possible to rectify this problem through the use of chemical sprays. Although these sprays may prove to be effective over a period of time and they’re commonly used for bed bug control in Las Vegas, we cannot recommend them. Chemicals can be dangerous to your health and may not eliminate the bugs on the first try.

When speaking with bed bug exterminators in Las Vegas NV, you’ll learn quickly that do-it-yourself treatments are not recommended either. Although they’ll eventually get rid of the bugs, they’re time consuming, messy, and could potentially present a health risk. Finally, you can also opt for heat treatments, which is what we recommend. This type of treatment utilizes heat machines to warm up the interior of your home and can effectively eliminate all bedbugs without a few hours.

It is safer, more cost effective, and much more convenient than the alternatives.


Act Quickly

If you take the time to speak with a bed bug exterminator within Las Vegas, they’ll quickly reassure you that bedbugs are not dangerous. This is true, since they’ve never been known to transmit disease or illness. However, we know firsthand that they can still be incredibly problematic for all involved. First and foremost, bedbugs will prevent you from keeping a sufficient amount of sleep each night. A lack of sleep can take a toll on your overall health and could leave you vulnerable to illnesses.

Secondly, bed bugs can wreck your home! They leave behind a big mess and an infestation may result in the need to throw away a lot of belongings. It is also essential to remember that bedbugs can spread rapidly. If left untreated, a bedbug infestation will quickly double, then triple, and the difficulty of eliminating them entirely will be elevated as well. With this in mind, we highly encourage all bedbug victims to take action immediately upon discovering the problem. Do not delay and act as quickly as possible to avoid further damages and losses.


Why Select Us?

We understand that Las Vegas is crawling with exterminators and each of them are vying for your business. We’ve done our best to provide our clients with the best possible service possible and will go above and beyond to ensure you receive a satisfactory experience and a fitting conclusion. Below, you’ll learn about the perks of working with our business.

  • Our company is completely insured and licensed. We want to provide the client with the most peace of mind and reassurance as possible. Our insurance will cover any problems, which may occur. And, we abide by all regulations set forth by the state of Nevada.
  • All of our employees have been background checked. We understand that allowing a stranger into your home can be downright frightening. With comprehensive background checks, you can rest assured knowing our exterminators are reliable and safe.
  • Although our prices might not be the lowest within Nevada, we sincerely believe the price is easily justifiable. Our reliability, dedication and commitment is unparalleled.
  • We understand that you want to keep your infestation problem a secret. Our company will do their best to make sure your neighbors never know about your current situation.
  • Our heat treatments are safe, yet effective. With this innovative technique, you will be able to return to your home much quicker and you won’t have to worry about exposing your loved ones or pets to harmful chemicals.


Get Moving Now!

It is essential to take action as soon as you’ve confirmed a bedbug problem. We’re here to help and we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to prove ourselves to you and your family. Aside from bedbugs, our company is also capable of exterminating roaches, ants, rodents, and termites. When a problem arises, you should pick up the phone and make contact with us! We’ll see to it that you find the rectification you desire as quickly as possible.