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Box Elder Bugs

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Las Vegas Box Elder Bug Pest Control – What You Should Know!

Box elder “boxelder” bugs are social insects, meaning they travel and live in colonies of various sizes. The insect’s most notable identifying characteristic is its black wings outlined in bright red. The adult grows up to ½” in length. The diet consists of sap from the leaf of the box elder, maple, cherry, and ash trees.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Infesting My Las Vegas Home?

Box elder bugs start searching for vulnerable buildings in late fall. This behavior will continue until the winter season sets in. Unfortunately, every box elder bug will not succeed in its infiltration attempts. In fact, many of the attempts will be unsuccessful, resulting in a cold winter outdoors. Overwintering is a dormant-like state that insects go into over the winter season. The insect’s body functions slow, allowing them to survive on nutrients and vitamins taken from stored fats.

Are Box Elder Bugs Toxic Or Venomous?

No, box elder bugs are harmless, but nuisance insects. Unlike beetles, cockroaches, and weevils, box elder bugs are outside insects even though they prefer spending the winter in human habitats. You never need to be concerned about bites, parasites, or diseases when boxelder bugs are present.

How To Successfully Eradicate A Box Elder Bug Infestation?

The best and only way to fully eradicate a box elder bug infestation is professional pest management. This extermination service utilizes routine visual inspections and customized treatment of pesticides and traps or eco-friendly fumigation and traps. We will work with you to determine the best course of action following the visual pest inspection.

We utilize data collected from visual inspections to determine which pest management treatment will work best for your box elder bug infestation. We want your input and involvement from here on out.

Does DIY Pest Control Work In Box Elder Bug Cases?

It can be depending on the severity of the box elder infestation. Mild infestations may be successfully eliminated with over-the-counter pesticides and traps. Moderate to severe box elder infestations require a much stronger approach, such as professional pest management.

How Long Do I Have To Schedule To Box Elder Bug Inspection?

You have as long as you need. However, we do recommend quick action to avoid any potential setback. We can dispatch a licensed exterminator or certified box elder bug technician to your home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request. Remember, we offer same-day and emergency pest control services as well.

Are Pesticides Dangerous To Humans, Animals, And The Environment?

It is a fact, some pesticide formulas do contain chemicals that have a tendency to be toxic when mishandled. Fortunately, this will never be the case with our exterminators or certified technicians, which are required to undergo extensive training courses. To further minimize the risks associated with chemical-based pesticides is to heed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. This federal government agency oversees the production and sale of all pesticides and insecticides in the United States.

How To Prevent Repeat Box Elder Bug Infestations?

Box elder bugs are difficult to ignore beginning in late fall. This is when the insect begins to prepare for overwintering by searching for buildings with vulnerabilities – access points. These insects infiltrate houses, commercial and industrial buildings, and government facilities via small openings in damaged siding, soffit, public utility lines, doors, and windows, We highly recommend addressing these vulnerabilities once your home is deemed “pest-free” by one of our licensed exterminators.

In order for any pest control prevention strategy to be effective, every household member must be on board. As much as you may be tempted to open your doors and windows to air out home, doing so can leave your home exposed. Contact our local extermination company to learn more!

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