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Las Vegas Flea Management, Inspection, And Consultation!

Fleas are some of the most difficult insects to avoid, especially if you are a pet owner. The insect has extraordinary jumping capability. Studies show the insect can jump up to 7 millimeters, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. The flexible hind legs allow the insect to hop from one surface to another with ease. Unfortunately for the passerby, the flea is continuously looking for new hosts. While the insect prefers animal blood to human blood, when it comes to survival or demise, the insect will always choose the former.

The most common flea sighting in Las Vegas is the cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis.” The adult grows up to one-eighth of an inch. Its flat body offers great maneuverability between hair follicles and animal fur.

Flea Bite – Characteristics

The flea bite is not distinguishable from other bug bites. In fact, the medical community cannot differentiate between a flea bite and other insect bites. Almost all bug bites cause an allergic reaction that results in a pinpoint-sized red spot, swelling, and itching, with or without a pustule. Flea bites have been linked to tapeworm infections in humans.

Flea Prevention Tips

Just because your home is pet-free does not mean it is 100 percent safe from fleas. These insects target all homes, regardless of housekeeping, occupant, and lifestyle. Flea infestations can break out in an entire neighborhood, catching your home in the middle, whether or no you are a pet owner. The tips provided below will help you fight off flea infestations.

  • Know your home is at risk. The first step to avoiding a flea infestation is knowing you are at risk. If an infestation breaks out in your neighborhood, the odds of your home being involved are extremely high.
  • Do not adopt a pet until you are fully capable and ready to take on the responsibility of its care.
  • Develop an anti-parasitic flea and tick medicine regimen for your pets.
  • Routinely mow your lawn to combat humidity buildup at the ground floor.
  • Install metal fencing around decks, porches, sheds, and garages to keep wildlife out.
  • Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to not feed the wildlife in your neighborhood.
  • Develop a visual inspection regimen for your home, especially your pet’s living quarters.
  • Laundry your pet’s bedding at least twice a month. Selecting the maximum temperature setting for both the washer and dryer will eradicate live fleas, larvae, and eggs.
  • Routinely vacuum your entire home to remove any potential flea eggs and larvae.

Fleas are problematic year-round in Las Vegas, with activity being the highest in late spring, summer, and early fall. Your pet status is not a determining flea infestation factor. These insects target all homes, humans, and most animal species. Deer, raccoon, opossum, fox, dog, ferret, cat, and squirrel have reportedly been infested with fleas. Unlike domesticated dogs and cats, wild animals can be infested with fleas year-round. Some bird species are also targeted by fleas.

If you are facing a full-blown flea infestation and do not know which way to turn, do not hesitate to contact our Las Vegas extermination company.

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