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Conventional Treatment

Eliminating bedbugs with conventional treatments is possible when working with our highly-trained pest control experts. Although conventional treatments are not great for all situations, they are effective for eliminating small bedbug infestations in confined spots. If the bugs are hidden in your bedroom, and nowhere else, our conventional treatments might be a good choice. Just remember the conventional treatments need to be carried out precisely.

Researchers at Purdue University recently studied the effectiveness of pesticides for eliminating bedbugs. It was confirmed that conventional treatments were effective, but the exterminator would need to visit the home multiple times and they would need to wait for several weeks. They must wait for at least two weeks to guarantee that any bedbug eggs have hatched. Then, the second treatment should eliminate adult and baby bedbugs. Our company uses the following protocols to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • We’ll visit your home three times in total
  • The exterminator inspects and treats the home during the first two visits
  • During the last visit, our exterminator will carefully inspect the home to make sure all bedbugs are gone
  • We’ll wait 2 or 3 weeks between the first and second visit to give eggs time to hatch

Don’t worry about the risks associated with bedbug conventional treatments. We’ll work cautiously to keep you safe.

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