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Carpenter Ants

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What Las Vegas Residents Should Know About Our Carpenter Ant Pest Control!

Carpenter ants are a social insect species that lives and travels in colonies of all sizes. The colony is comprised of workers, soldiers, the queen, and swarmers, all of which have some very important job duties. For example, the carpenter ant swarmer is responsible for carrying for the young and building new colonies. Winged swarmers eventually leave the colony to find other ants to mate with and start new colonies.

The adult carpenter ant grows up to 0.5 inches long, excluding the queen that measures at approximately 5/8” long. Carpenter ants can be seen walking and working in tall grass, near firewood piles, and along walkways. The tri-segmented body ranges between reddish/brown, black, brown, and red.

Common Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

It is crucial to know the signs of ant infestation just in case you encounter a live carpenter ant in your home. These include the following:

  • Visible Live Insects – Live carpenter ants foraging for food can be seen on food-contaminated countertops, floors, sinks, and appliances.
  • “Frass” Trails – Carpenter ants utilize their powerful mandibles to gnaw through deteriorated wooden structures, such as tree stumps, fence posts, decks, porches, downed trees, studs, and roofing deck.
  • Audible Sound – Working carpenter ants can be heard through walls. Some witnesses describe the sound as a “rustling” noise.
  • Flying Swarmers – Swarmers flying low over food and food-contaminated surfaces. Swarmers will swoop down and grab a nib of food before taking it back to the colony.

Why Is My Las Vegas Home Infested With Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants target homes with an adequate supply of food. When food becomes scarce outdoors, carpenter ants will extend their search, oftentimes finding themselves invading houses, commercial buildings, public facilities, and government entities

One thing is for sure, carpenter ants cannot successfully infiltrate homes with strong pest barriers. Vulnerable buildings, on the other hand, are easily infiltrated by carpenter ants and other insect species. A building is considered vulnerable when it is accessible through tiny cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes around doors and windows.

Do Carpenter Ants Spread Harmful Diseases To Humans?

No, carpenter ants are not disease-transmitting insects. However, carpenter ants have a tendency to cause foodborne illnesses. How this works is the insect ingested contaminated food, which is later evacuated from the insect’s body via fecal matter. Carpenter ants are notorious for dropping fecal matter while they are ingesting food. If the insects have ransacked your processed food products, the contaminated fecal matter will end up in your food source.

The contaminated fecal material can also end up on your countertops, where you normally prepare food. If you fail to clean the contaminated countertop before utilizing it, the contaminated fecal matter will end up in your newly prepared food.

An unknowingly family member consumes the contaminated food, resulting in foodborne illness symptoms.

What Is The Best Pest Management Measure For Carpenter Ant Infestations?

Our professional-grade carpenter ant control is highly rated among Las Vegas consumers. We believe our service is so popular because it delivers speedy, effective results. Our extermination team has antn fully trained to diagnose, treat, eradicate, and prevent carpenter ant infestations.

When we tackle a carpenter ant infestation, we do not stop at the treatment. No, we take pest control to the next level by addressing the factors related to the infestation. We believe carpenter ant-impacted homes are vulnerable right from the get-go. For example, small cracks and openings around doors and windows are just one example. We address the vulnerabilities to ensure our clients never need to be concerned about a repeat carpenter infestation.

Will DIY Pest Control Products Have An Impact On Carpenter Ant Infestations?

We do not believe over-the-counter pest control works for carpenter ant infestation. These are some of the most complex insect infestations because they involve a main colony and satellite colony, which is based inside the impacted home. To successfully and fully eradicate a carpenter ant infestation, it is crucial to target both the main and satellite colonies. Reducing the population of both colonies is a crucial part of the extermination process. Unfortunately, DIY pest control will not impact the population because the formulas are low-strength formulas.

When Will The Exterminator Schedule My Carpenter Ant Inspection?

We never schedule service without the client’s input. We work around your schedule to ensure convenience on all levels. If you need to be away from the home, our exterminators will perform the inspection at your earliest convenience. Once we receive your service request, we will immediately begin processing it to ensure a speedy response. It can take between 24 to 48 hours to process the request, at which time we will contact you to schedule the appointment for the inspection.

Is Professional Pest Control Environmentally-Friendly?

Yes, our professional pest control consists of products and techniques approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA oversees the production and sale of all US pesticides. US manufacturers must seek EPA approval before their pesticides can enter the market.

We offer a broad range of pesticide formulas – non-toxic, environmental-friendly, and chemical-based.

What Do I Need To Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infestation?

You only need our customized pest control strategy to protect your Las Vegas home and family from a repeat carpenter ant infestation. Be sure to take advantage of our free carpenter ant inspections, consultations, and estimates.

We will work with you to develop pest management prevent solution that will target your home’s vulnerable pest barrier, food storage system, and household waste disposal.

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