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Stink Bugs

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What To Know About Stink Bugs

How much do you know about Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs? You need to learn as much as you can about these bugs since they’re rapidly expanding across the United States. These bugs came from Asia with the first sighting in the United States taking place in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. It hasn’t taken long for these pests to spread to other states. Today, they can be found in many states, including Kentucky, Texas, and Nevada. Unfortunately, Americans can’t escape stink bugs since they’re everywhere.

On average, stink bugs grow up to three-quarters of an inch, and they’re either gray or brown.

Why Stink Bugs Targeted My Home

What causes stink bugs to invade homes in our service area? It is simple. Stink bugs enter homes because they’re looking for warmth. They know the cold weather from winter is coming and they don’t want to be stuck outside. Instead, they’ll try to enter your home or garage. To make it simple, you should remember that stink bugs are overwintering pests. As a result, they’ll try to enter homes before the winter months arrive.

How Dangerous Are Stink Bugs?

You’re likely worried about stink bugs because you’ve heard horror stories. Well, you’re not alone. Since stink bugs are becoming more problematic, a lot of people are worried. The good news is that you shouldn’t worry about your health. Stink bugs generally do not bite or transmit serious diseases. They’re not going to make you ill, but they will turn your life upside down. Be cautious when getting rid of them because they’ll release a bad odor if they experience stress or get crushed.

How To Deal With A Stink Bug Infestation

If you stress or crush stink bugs, they’re going to release a foul odor. You’ll regret your decision. Instead, you’ll need to figure out how to remove the bugs without getting sprayed. One way to do this is by using your vacuum cleaner. Grab it, turn it on, and point it in the direction of the bug. If you’re quick enough, you can suck up the bug without making your home stink. Just make sure that you dispose of the bugs outside and make sure they do not return. Our company offers stink bug removal services.

Eliminating Stink Bug Infestations Without A Professional

Could you likely deal with a stink bug infestation without hiring a professional exterminator? Ultimately, the answer depends on the type of infestation you’re dealing with. If it is a big problem, you likely won’t be able to fix it on your own. However, you may have a small infestation in your home. If this is the case, you can fix the problem. All you need to do is grab your vacuum cleaner and use it to get rid of the stink bugs in your home.

How Much Are Your Stink Bug Services?

Our company’s exterminators will work diligently to make sure you understand the price of our services. When you agree to work with us, you can guarantee that we’ll do everything possible to provide you with low-cost services. When we use standard services, the price will depend on the severity of the infestation and the size of your home.

Stopping Stink Bugs In Their Tracks

It is wise to do what you can to stop stink bugs from invading your home. Although they may still find a way inside, you can stop many of them. You’ll want to check around your home and deal with any entry points. Seal all cracks and holes. Work with us and we’ll give you tips for keeping them out.

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