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Our Las Vegas Earwig Pest Control!

When you are facing an earwig infestation, immediate action is necessary to avoid infestation. The earwig is an occasional invader, which is exactly what its name entails – an insect that invades buildings on occasion. There is no doubt, every Las Vegas home, and business owner will eventually encounter an earwig at some point. How you handle this encounter will help determine the outcome. People who take the immediate appropriate action will less likely end up dealing with an infestation.

As a member of the Dermaptera order, the earwig species have powerful pincers that operate in the same manner as surgical forceps. “Cerci” are appendages that protrude from the insect’s abdomen. Earwigs rely on their cerci to fight off predators, copulation, and foraging for food, and building nests.

Unlike the cockroach, beetle, ladybug, and yellowjacket, the earwig is a solitary insect species. The insect has no need for large colonies because it does everything alone. The adult is approximately 2 inches in length, which is slightly smaller than the 3-inch Saint Helena giant earwig species.

Many old-timers are familiar with the story that made the earwig famous in the 1990s. The story goes like this, the earwig accessed the human brain via an ear canal. Once inside the brain, the insect reproduced. Fortunately, the story is an old wise tale that was never proven to be true.

Why Is My Las Vegas Home Under An Earwig Attack?

If your home is being attacked by earwigs, it is possible to scathe by without a scrape. If your home’s pest barrier is strong and free of vulnerabilities, the earwig’s infiltration attempts will be unsuccessful, every single one of them. What is a vulnerable home pest barrier? Before you can understand what makes a residential pest barrier vulnerable, you must know what the term means. A home’s pest barrier is comprised of components – doors, windows, ceilings, floors, and a roofing system – that keep intruders out.

When the pest barrier can no longer do this, your home will no longer be protected from human and insect intruders. A pest barrier with tiny openings around door and window frames is vulnerable to earwigs and other small insects and rodents.

Does The Earwig Species Spread Diseases?

No, the insect is more of a pest than a health risk to humans or animals. Since the insect does not carry diseases, you and your family can focus more on a pest control strategy. You can decide from a professional-grade or DIY pest control product, such as pesticides. The main difference between these two options is strength, with the former being the strongest formula.

How Can I Fight Earwig Infestations Without Chemical Pesticides?

With so much emphasis placed on pesticide safety as of late, it is no wonder you are concerned about chemicals. Yes, some pesticide formulas do contain toxins that may be harmful to the environment, humans, and animals. Thanks to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, consumers and exterminators can utilize these products more freely without so many risks.

We offer a broad range of pest control treatment options for earwig infestations. These include non-toxic pesticides, eco-friendly insecticides, and traps, all of which do not contain chemicals.

While you are deciding which pest control treatment will work best for your infestations, there are a few things you can do to make your home less appealing to the earwig. The first thing you can do is to transition from mercury or neon vapor porch lighting to sodium vapor porch lighting.

Another tip involves your home’s pest barrier. If the pest barrier is vulnerable, it will offer one or more access points to earwigs and other insect species. We suggest carefully inspecting all window sills, door frames and thresholds, plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, siding, soffit, and the foundation. Even the tiniest crevice can be utilized as an earwig access point into your home.

When Will The Las Vegas Exterminator Conduct My Pest Inspection?

At your earliest convenience. We allow our clients to choose the appointment date. Just let us know when you will be available and we will schedule the inspection during this time frame. Remember, it takes between 24 and 48 hours to fully process a pest control service request. Be sure to submit your service request in advance to eliminate any and all potential delays.

Does The EPA Oversee Pesticide Sales In The Las Vegas?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for overseeing the production and sales of all pest control products in the United States. The agency works with manufacturers across the nation to ensure their pesticides do not pose harm to the environment and consumers.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Earwig Infestation In Las Vegas?

Earwig infestations require a complex pest control management strategy, joint effort of all household members, patience, and time. Unfortunately, there is no single pest control measure that can offer 100 percent eradication on the first treatment. Even our professional-grade pesticides need at least two treatments to fully exterminate an earwig infestation.

Homeowners face many challenges dealing with earwigs. The first challenge is detection. The insect exhibits nocturnal behavior, meaning it is more active while you and your family are asleep. You could spend hours waiting on the earwigs to make their presence to no avail. There is no need to take this type of approach. Instead, we recommend adhesive traps, a humane removal process.

To learn more about our earwig pest management and removal, do not hesitate to reach out to our Las Vegas exterminators at your earliest convenience.

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