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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

It is only natural to be disturbed by a bed bug sighting. Regardless of where, when, how, and why, a bed bug sighting can cause stress, anxiety, and confusion. This is especially true for newbies, experienced individuals will not get so upset because they know exactly how to eliminate the insects right from the get-go. You could unknowingly be sharing your home with bed bugs right this moment. Reports show, when bed bugs invade human living spaces, it is several weeks or months before their presence is finally detected. How are bed bugs eventually discovered? It becomes apparent when victims wake up with pinpoint-sized spots on their arms, upper back, chest, and legs. In most cases, the victim will only have one, no more than five bites on their body. The bites are generally close together because bed bugs are social insects, meaning they travel, live, and feed in groups or colonies. A few bug bites will not warrant a visit to the emergency room or primary care physician’s office. However, if the bites become more persistent, victims may be impaled to seek medical advice. With this said, most members of the Las Vegas medical community will not know the origin of the bites. So, it will be solely your responsibility to find the culprit(s). With our pest inspection services, we can help you determine the culprit(s) within a few hours. Our inspections take all the guesswork out of the process.

Why Are Bed Bugs So Difficult To Detect With The Naked Eye?

As previously mentioned, bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior. They only come out at night to feed while their hosts are asleep. This nocturnal behavior contributes to the difficulty of visual detection. Another contributor is color, which is very similar to cherry, dark walnut, oak, and teak woods utilized in furniture manufacturing. Some witnesses have described the bed bug as being the same color as an apple seed, excluding eggs and larvae that are translucent. The small size is another reason why the bed bug can evade human detection longer than other insect species. The adult bed bug grows up to 7 millimeters in length. Experts describe the bed bug’s size as being that of former President Abraham Lincoln’s head on a copper penny.

Unique Characteristics For Bed Bug Identification

The bed bug has unique physical characteristics utilized by exterminators and scientists for identification purposes. These include the following:
  • Apple seed-like shape and coloration
  • Two tiny antennas
  • Three sets of legs
  • Flat abdomen that expands after each blood meal
  • Dark reddish/brown coloration
Bed bugs are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. When it comes to a DIY inspection, we recommend a magnifying glass and flashlight, combined with the insect’s common hiding places – mattress, box spring, bed linen, pillow, bed frame, baseboard, and floorboard.

Signs Of Bedbugs In A Home

If you believe you have bedbugs, check for the following signs.
  • Bloodstains – Be sure to search your home for bloodstains. If bedbugs are squashed, they’ll leave a red stain on your sheets.
  • Exoskeletons – Since bedbugs shed, they’re going to leave near-transparent exoskeletons around your home.
  • Eggs & Casings – Bedbug eggs are tiny. They’re roughly the size of a pinpoint, so finding them won’t be easy. Nevertheless, you’ll want to look for them anyway.
  • Feces – Have you found black ink spots around your home? If so, it could be bedbug feces.
  • Marks On Your Body – Don’t forget to check your body for bite marks. If you find red welts on your body, you might’ve been bit by bedbugs.
  • Smell Test – Finally, check your room for a foul odor. If you find that your room has a mold, sweet odor, it could be bedbugs.

 Searching A Home For Bedbugs

Are you concerned that your home has bedbugs? If so, finding out immediately is wise. Once you’ve done so, you can begin looking for an exterminator in your area. How can you be positive that you’re dealing with a full-blown bedbug infestation? Start by carefully checking your bedroom. Pay close attention to the mattress, box springs, and bed frame. If you have bedbugs, you’ll be able to find them here. They tend to hide in bed frames, mattresses, box springs, and bedclothes. Remove all of the sheets from the mattress and carefully inspect them. If you find any bedbugs, red bloodstains, or black ink spots, you might have bedbugs. Don’t forget to flip the mattress and box springs because bedbugs might be hiding on the other side. If you haven’t found bedbugs yet, you’ll need to check the rest of the items in your home. Look at the furniture in your bedroom. Then, focus on your carpets, clothes, and electric outlets. Use a flashlight and credit card to search for bedbugs, eggs, egg casings, and exoskeletons.

When To Contact A Professional Exterminator

Unfortunately, a bedbug infestation is not going to disappear on its own. With that being said, you have to go above and beyond to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, pick up your phone and call a professional exterminator. With their help, you can tackle and remedy the problem rapidly. You may want to check your home thoroughly before calling, but don’t wait too long. Remember to take your time and hire the best exterminator in your area. Perform research and ask for quotes to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Common Questions

Is It A Lone Bedbug?

You may believe it is only one bedbug, but there are likely a lot more. It could be one bug, but there is a higher chance that you have more bedbugs hiding in your home.

What Should I Do After I Find A Bedbug In My Home?

When you find a bedbug in your home, find a solution rapidly. Contact a professional pest control company. It likely isn’t just one bedbug, so act quickly.

How Many Bedbugs Make An Infestation?

There is no definite answer here. A bedbug infestation could be twenty, fifty, or hundreds of bedbugs. Remember that a female bedbug can get pregnant and produce 500 eggs. As a result, the infestation is quickly going to spiral out of control.

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