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Las Vegas Ladybug Pest Management

Ladybugs are featured in various children’s books, as cute, harmless insects. While this may be true to some degree, the ladybug notoriously damages commercial crops and gardens. The ladybug activity picks up in the late fall, just in time for the upcoming winter season. As a member of the beetle family, the ladybug goes into a dormant state at the onset of the cold winter season. This condition is known as “overwintering.” Various insect species, including the stinkbug, box elder bug, and centipede enter the overwintering state to avoid the dangers of the cold, harsh winter season.

The ladybug’s wings are covered by a thin, hard protective shell to minimize injury and even death. The insect flies short diseases to access food sources, such as aphids and plants. There is no doubt, the ladybug is viewed by many as an “annoying pest” but it has proven to be helping in growing crops like peas, watermelon, and peanuts. The insect species spend a lot of time helping produce crops via a process known as “pollination.” With ladybugs and other pollinators, some vegetables, flower species, and fruits would not be possible.

Why Is My Las Vegas Home Under Ladybug Threat?

The ladybug is a member of the Coccinellidae beetle family. The adult grows up to ½” in length. Scientists have identified more than 5,000 Coccinellidae species, 450 of which are found in North America. If your home is under a ladybug threat, it can be contributed to the season and overwintering, which begins in late fall. Last, but not least, your pest barrier was vulnerable, offering the ladybugs access to the interior of your home.

Small cracks, gaps, and other openings are how ladybugs access the interior of buildings. We highly recommend sealing these access points with a waterproof sealant like silicone and caulk.

Are Ladybugs Harmful Or Safe?

There is no evidence that connects ladybugs to human diseases or parasites. The major problem with ladybugs is their foul odor that is more noticeable when they are under stress and injured. These insects are drawn to bright lighting. In fact, they can be seen walking on a windowpane or lamp indoors. Some victims claim they were bitten by the ladybug, but only on rare occasions. The ladybug bite has not been shown to be dangerous.

How To Safely Eradicate Ladybugs Indoors?

When ladybugs are in their natural habitat, they are not a nuisance to humans. It is a different story when the insects infiltrate humans’ living space, this is when they become a nuisance to everyone involved. While it is not necessary to exterminate the ladybugs after an infiltration, most victims believe it is necessary.

Ladybugs will exit your home without intervention as soon as the weather begins to warm. In Las Vegas, the ladybug will begin to stir from overwintering around the end of March or the first of April. It is not unusual for ladybugs to avoid detection until they are ready to exit the home. At this time, you may feel pest control intervention is unnecessary since the insects are preparing to exit your home. However, this is the ideal time to start working on your home’s weak pest barrier.

Pest barriers are comprised of components that are responsible for keeping human, animal, and insect predators outside where they belong. For example, the doors offer the household members and visitors access into the interior of the home while keeping ladybugs, rodents, and wild animals out. When the door is vulnerable, it will become an access point for these invaders.

Do Exterminators Recommend DIY Pest Management For Ladybug Infestations?

It really depends on the severity of the ladybug infestation. DIY pest control is not recommended for moderate to severe ladybug infestations. And, it may or may not be effective for mild ladybug infestations, which is why we always recommend professional pest control for all pest infestations.

Professional pest control takes all the guesswork out of the process.

When Can I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Las Vegas Home?

Within 24 and 48 hours of the initial pest inspection service request, an exterminator will be dispatched to your home. If you request our same-day or emergency pest control service, we will complete the inspection within a few hours of the initial service request.

Do You Offer EPA-Approved Pest Control For Ladybug Infestations?

Yes, all of our pesticides, insecticides, and other pest control treatments are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) The federal agency is responsible for the oversight of pesticides in the United States.

Do Severe Ladybug Infestations Repeat Themselves?

They can if the homeowner fails to take the necessary precautions. For example, if the homeowner fails to address the vulnerabilities that gave the ladybugs access to his/her home, there will be a repeat infestation. We will work with you to develop a prevention plan that addresses your home’s vulnerabilities, but only our exterminators deem it “pest-free.”

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