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What Las Vegas Residents Should Know About Our Pest Management For Small Ants!

Las Vegas is home to more than 640,000 residents, various Fortune 500 companies, landmarks, and commercial establishments. As the city is left reeling from the effects of COVID-19, small ants are becoming more problematic. These social insects are so problematic because they live in large colonies. Even when the satellite colony infiltrates a building, the larger colony is on the exterior waiting for the ants to return with food.

The ant belongs to the Formicidae family, which is comprised of approximately 12,000 species. The black, brown, or reddish/brown tri-segmented body is fused together by joints. The insect’s most notable feature besides its body is the mandible, the lower jaw, or jawbone. The mandible is utilized for several purposes – foraging for food, clearing a path for nests, erecting underground tunnels, and fighting off predators.

Why Is My Las Vegas Home Under A Small Ant Threat?

Nearly every home, business, government entity, and public facility are under a constant small ant threat in Las Vegas. These insects spend the majority of their time performing their daily duties. For example, the queen is responsible for reproducing and building the colony. The soldier ant, on the other hand, is responsible for building the colony’s food storage and fighting off predators.

While ants target all buildings in Las Vegas, only the ones that are vulnerable will come under attack. This basically means, your home is under the threat of ants right now. But, if your home is determined to be vulnerable, it will become a target for an ant infestation.

Vulnerable in this case represents easy-to-access exterior-to-interior openings around doors, windows, and utility lines. Ants will travel 100 feet or more from their colony to access a new food supply. If your home is located within 100 feet and has an access point, it will be infiltrated by these insects.

Should I Be Concerned About Ant Diseases Or Parasites?

Ants do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. However, they can contaminate your non-refrigerated food if it is stored in the original manufacturer’s packaging – paperboard and thin plastic bags. Foodborne illnesses are generally linked to contaminated food and water sources. Ant-foodborne illnesses may be connected to contaminated fecal matter that is dropped into food during feedings.

How Should I Approach A Small Ant Infestation?

We believe the best course of action for the victims of ant infestations is a professional pest management strategy. Our pest control combines routine visual inspections and a customized treatment into one strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness. When you hire our extermination company, we will do whatever is necessary to help you regain control of your home in the shortest duration.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our ant control consultation with an estimate. This service is available to all Las Vegas residents and businesses for free of charge.

Should I Try DIY Ant Pesticides First?

We do believe DIY pest control is better than inaction. However, over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides fail in comparison to professional-grade alternatives. OTC pest control products are low-strength formulas that may be effective in eradicating a few live ants but will do nothing to lower the satellite and main colony population.

Will The Exterminator Schedule The Pest Inspection Appointment Without My Input?

No, we encourage our clients to get involved in the pest control process right from the get-go. Once we receive your ant inspection request, we will have it processed within 24 to 48 hours. One of our licensed exterminators will contact you to schedule an appointment for the inspection. The date will be at your discretion. We can perform the inspection while you are out of the home to avoid a schedule conflict.

Will Ant Pesticides Damage My Carpet And Furniture?

No, we utilize safety measures to minimize exposure to pesticides and furniture, carpet, humans, and animals. We utilize a wand with a nozzle to administer pesticides indoors and outdoors. These features give our exterminators more control through better handling throughout the treatment process.

We have teamed up with manufacturers that have undergone the necessary steps to have their pesticides approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The federal agency is responsible for the oversight of pesticides in the United States.

Our pesticide formulas are EPA-approved, meaning they do not pose a health or environmental risk when handled, stored, and transported per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How To Devise An Ant Prevention Strategy?

We will join forces with you and your family to develop an ant prevention plan that is guaranteed to be 100 percent effective. We suggest combining routine visual ant inspections with a customized treatment whenever necessary. The strategy will also target your home’s vulnerable pest barrier, which is responsible for the initial ant infestation. If your pest barrier was not vulnerable, ants would not have infiltrated your home right from the start.

Learn more about our pest management extermination and prevention by contacting our Las Vegas exterminators via landline or email.

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