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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

When it comes to stopping bedbugs from entering your home, it is pertinent to do everything possible. Although there are other ways to stop bedbugs, using a mattress cover because it’ll make a huge difference. However, picking the best mattress cover is pertinent. Below, you’ll learn more about these products and their benefits.

Importance Of Bedbug Mattress Covers

When bedbugs sneak into your home, they’re going to spread out and take shelter anywhere and everywhere they can. You have to stop this from happening. It is estimated that roughly 90% of the bedbugs in an infestation will hide in the mattress. As a result, you need to tackle the issue at its source, and using a mattress cover can help you do that. Using a mattress cover is an excellent way to trap bedbugs and keep others out. Mattress covers target bedbugs in their most common hiding spot.

Using a cover will stop bedbugs from hiding in the mattress. It’ll eliminate any of the bedbugs currently hiding in the mattress. Below, you’ll find more about bedbug mattress protectors.

What Are Bedbug Mattress Covers?

Bedbug mattress covers are large sheets of fabric that can help defend your home from bedbugs. The cover wraps around the mattress before it is sealed using a zipper. Once zipped, bedbugs will no longer be able to reach the mattress. What about the bedbugs stuck in the mattress? Well, they will not be able to escape or reach their food source. Before you know it, they will starve to death. The bedbug mattress cover won’t eliminate the bedbug infestation in your home, but it will remove some of the bedbugs and make the extermination process easier. It generally takes two weeks to eliminate the bedbugs trapped by the mattress protector.

Selecting The Best Mattress Protector

When searching the market for a mattress protector, make sure you get your money’s worth. Use the tips below to do that.

It Has To Be A Full Encasement

When browsing the available encasement products on the market, make sure that you get your money’s worth. Your options are plentiful, but some encasements are better than others. For the best results, you’ll want to buy a full encasement. Some only cover a portion of the cover. You’ll want to avoid those because they won’t completely stop the bedbugs. A full encasement will.

How Well Does It Seal?

You’ll also want to purchase a mattress safer that seals properly. Most of these products use a zipper, so you need to make sure that the zipper works great. It should be durable and strong enough to fully protect the mattress. If the zipper is not durable, you’ll likely experience numerous issues. Furthermore, make sure that the cover has reinforced seams because they’ll make the mattress cover last longer.

Extensive Testing

Buy a mattress protector that has been tested extensively. Doing so will guarantee that you’re going to get your money’s worth. A mattress cover should be tested and approved by qualified entomologists.

Free Of Toxins?

Some mattress covers contain dangerous toxins that can get rid of bedbugs. Although these toxic materials help, they’re dangerous and you’re going to be close to them. To keep yourself safe, pick a mattress cover that is free of dangerous chemicals.

How Effective Are Bedbug Mattress Covers?

While it won’t eliminate the entire problem, bedbug mattress encasements are helpful. They can help block bedbugs from entering and leaving your mattress. If the mattress cover’s zipper breaks, it will no longer be effective. If it has rips or tears, it won’t be effective either. With that being said, the effectiveness depends on the mattress cover you’ve purchased. Be sure to buy a high-quality cover that will fully seal the mattress.

Although this will help, it won’t eliminate the entire infestation. As a result, you’ll still need to hire a qualified pest control expert. With their help, you can remove the remaining bedbugs in your home.

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