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Understanding The Complexity Of The Bed Bug Problem

If you happen to reside in Las Vegas and pay close attention to your local news, you’ve most likely heard about the ongoing bedbug problem. If not, you should know that the bed bug is in Las Vegas and the problem is on the verge of becoming an epidemic. A bedbug infestation is not something that can be fixed easily or quickly. The only surefire way to eliminate the problem is by working with a professional. Why are bedbugs such a nuisance? What makes them more problematic than other pests? You’ll find out below.


Harder Shells

Whether or not you know it, bedbugs have not remained the same. Over the years, they’ve evolved and this has created a major problem for exterminators and consumers. These pests are harder to eradicate than ever before, due to the increasing size of their shells. In the past, it was widely known that bedbug could easily be killed with pesticides. Today, this isn’t the case. Although you might eventually achieve your goal with pesticides, it’ll take multiple tries and won’t be cost effective.


Difficult To Identify

Adding to the complexity is the fact that bedbugs can be difficult to identify. It is possible for some consumers to live with the bed bug in Las Vegas and never even realize it. Bedbugs are very convert and they can remain hidden for a lengthy period of time. If you’re not careful, you won’t realize that your home has been infested, until it is simply too late. Be sure to keep a close eye on your body, so you can spot those terrible bites and take action, as soon as they appear.


Rapid Spread

Another big problem associated with the bedbug is the fact that these pests can spread rapidly. Once your home has been infested, the bedbugs will begin to breed and reproduce like wildfire. This will cause the problem to worsen rapidly and those that do not take action immediately will only find themselves dealing with an even more complicated dilemma.


Travels Well

Some pests do not travel well. They’ll enter a home and remain there for as long as possible. Although bedbugs prefer remain dormant, they’re also capable of traveling very well. This gives them a greater possibility of infesting more homes with a small community or apartment building. So, if you happen to attract bedbugs, it is highly likely that your neighbors will as well and vice versa. Those that reside in apartments will be even more likely to suffer from an infestation.

And, bedbugs can travel over long distances. A stay in a motel a few hundreds of miles away could lead to an infestation.



In order to try and prevent bedbugs from entering your home, it is essential to remain cautious when going out of town. Be sure to carefully wash and dry your clothing before hanging them up or sticking them in the drawer. At the same time, you should close all cracks within your home’s walls, so you can prevent the bugs from entering. This will decrease the chances of an infestation, but it may not halt the chances entirely.

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