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How Professionals Are Dealing With Bed Bug Removal

Since the early 2000s there has been an increasing number of bed bug infestations throughout the world. While bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit diseases they are nasty and can be one of the hardest critters to completely eradicate from the home. In some cases it can even be a pain to determine that you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, because the critters are so small and good at hiding. While it is possible to get rid of bed bugs on your own it can be incredibly difficult. This is why it is often times best to just go ahead and hire a professional. However, before hiring a professional you need to know the methods that bed bug removal companies are using in Las Vegas.

Performing An Inspection

If you have seen signs or fear that your home is infected with bed bugs and decide to call a professional the first thing they are going to do is inspect the home. As mentioned above these bugs are sneaky and hard to find, but your professional exterminator will be trained and have access to specialized tools that will help them detect bed bugs.  During the first visit the exterminator will inspect your entire home including your bedding, furniture, linens, cracks, crevices, and rugs.

In most cases they are going to start in the bedroom and work their way through the rest of the home. Professional may have to resort to using interception devices, active monitors, or sniffing dogs if definitive proof is not possible during the visit.

Implementation Of Treatments

After a full inspection is complete, your exterminator will recommend the best course of action to eradicate the bed bugs. If there are definitive signs of bed bugs in your home you will have several different treatment options available to you.

Whole room heat treatment- whole room heat treatment involves the company bringing in special heating equipment that will raise the temperature in your home to 135 degrees F. All forms of bed bugs and their eggs will die out if they are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes or more. The company will install thermostats throughout the home to ensure that every infected room in the home is reaching the appropriate temperatures. During this type of treatment you will have to be out of the home and it is possible that you might have to remove items that will be sensitive to heat exposure. Your pets will also have to be out of the home. This type of treatment usually takes around 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Insecticide Treatments– This treatment method usually involves a professional coming into the home and spraying chemicals in the infected areas to kill out the bed bugs. Three different forms of chemicals will be used. A specialized chemical will be used on the furniture, one will be used for the cracks and crevices in the home, and dust powder will be used on the electrical outlets.


Since bed bugs are so hard to get rid of the professional will even setup a return visit, so they can come back out to inspect the home. This will ensure that the bed bugs are completely removed. Now, that you know how professional bed bug removal companies in Las Vegas eradicate bed bugs, you will be prepared in the event that your home is infected.

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