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How To Avoid Getting Scammed By A Bed Bug Exterminator

Residing in Las Vegas can be very exciting. The closeness to the casinos is definitely fun and Las Vegas is always home to a wide assortment of sporting events. Unfortunately, there are many shady companies within the city. If you become a victim of bedbugs, you will want to protect yourself, so you can avoid becoming a victim of a nefarious exterminator. Within this guide, you will learn how to avoid getting scammed by a shady bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas NV.


Confirm Presence

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that the exterminator is indeed legitimate. Some exterminators will setup websites and pretend to be an exterminator. Although they may be able to fix the problem, they will not have a physical headquarters and could be unlicensed. If you work with a company that has no physical place of business, you’ll find it nearly impossible to take action should they rip you off. So, make sure the exterminator has a legitimate business, by confirming their physical address. Search for their address online or drive there physically, if necessary.


Check License

Some companies will attempt to beat around the bushes and sidestep the laws. They’ll want to be paid under the table and that could lead to major problems. Generally, these shady companies will not have a license. When speaking with any exterminator, be sure to ask for their license number. This will give you the ability to confirm that they’re indeed licensed. Just head online and utilize the government’s professional license lookup. Never do business with any professional, who has no valid license!


Confirm Insurance

Also, each and every professional exterminator should have a valid insurance policy. Insurance is there to protect you, as well as the company’s workers. Should something go awry, you won’t want to pay for the damages or hospital bills. Working with an uninsured company will almost ensure that you’ll be held liable for these fees. If the company is insured, this won’t be problem, as their insurance company will pay for everything.


BBB And Online Reviews

Before selecting a bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas NV, it is pertinent to check their status with the Better Business Bureau, BBB. While you’re online, you should also look at reviews and testimonials from the company. Both sources of information will give you better insight into the company, their past performance, and their trustworthiness. Stay far away from companies that have bad reputations and lots of negative complaints from previous clients. This is a sure sign that the company cannot be trusted to deliver a good performance.


Get A Binding Quote

Eventually, you will need to get into the money side of the arrangement. To do so this cautiously, you should speak with the exterminator and ask for a quote. More specifically though, it is essential to make sure the quote is binding. A non-binding quote could result in the exterminator charging you more than initially agreed upon. A binding quote will help to ensure that the exterminator will not be able to slap you with additional fees in the future.

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