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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Once bedbugs have entered your home, they’re going to spread out and find places to hide. It is pertinent to find out where they’re hiding so you can confirm an infestation sooner. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to tackle the problem sooner. Unfortunately, bedbugs are less than a quarter of an inch in length, so they’re difficult to spot. They can hide in the smallest cracks and holes so you need to look everywhere. Below, you’ll learn more about some of the most common places bedbugs hide.

Bedbug Hiding Places


Once you suspect that your home has bedbugs, check your mattress and box springs. Bedbugs prefer staying close to their primary food source, so they’re going to hide in your mattress. Once they’ve hidden in your bed, they’ll know when you’re sleeping because your body will release heat and CO2. After you’ve fallen asleep, the bedbugs will come out and feed on your blood.

Bed Frames

The bed frame is reasonably close to its food source. As a result, bedbugs will stay there too. If you’re worried that your home has bedbugs, you’ll need to take a closer look at your bed frame. Bedbugs can hide in the smallest cracks and corners in the bed frame. When the infestation gets bigger, the mattress will have too many bugs so they’ll move to the frame.

Sheets & Bedclothes

When searching your home for a bedbug infestation, check your bedding. Bedbugs tend to hide in bedsheets, quilts, comforters, pillowcases, and other bedclothes. When they’re hiding in your bedsheets, they’ll be much easier to spot.


A lot of bedrooms have carpet or rugs. Choosing this flooring is wise because it makes the room warmer. The only downside is that bedbugs can hide in rugs and carpets. They’re small and thin enough to slip through the carpet’s fibers.


Finally, you cannot ignore the furniture in your home. If you have bedbugs, you’re likely going to have bedbugs in your furniture too. You might have a chair or sofa in your bedroom. If so, you need to check the cracks and corners of the furniture. You’ll also want to look under the furniture.

Although these are common bedbug hiding places, you’ll need to look elsewhere as well. Be sure to check the following place.

Weird Places Bedbugs Hide

Bedbugs can hide in some odd places. You’ll have to check everywhere in your home because you never know where they’re hiding.


Be sure to check your luggage and the clothes inside. When you travel abroad, you may spend a night in a bedbug-infested motel. If you do, your luggage may contain bedbugs. When you get home, some bedbugs will stay in the luggage, but others will hide elsewhere. Still, you may have bedbugs in your luggage. Check it carefully so you can find out whether or not you have bedbugs.

Decorations On Your Walls

Using decorations is a good way to add life to your home. You likely have paintings or pictures hanging on your walls. Although they add beauty to your rooms, they could be hiding spots for bedbugs. Pull the paintings from the wall and check behind them. If you have bedbugs, you’ll likely find them hiding in your paintings and pictures.


Bedbugs will hide in any small crack, and you may have books in your bedroom. They could be resting on a bookshelf or nightstand. If the books are close to your bed, there is a good chance that bedbugs are going to hide in them. They’ll generally hide in the small gap between the book’s spine and its binding. They can also hide beneath the protective covering.


A nightstand is a piece of furniture commonly found in bedrooms. You’ll want to check it thoroughly because bedbugs can hide in nightstands.


Finally, you will need to carefully check your electronics. These electronics typically have small gaps that help keep the internal components cool. If you have bedbugs, they’ll climb through these small cracks and live inside with the internal components.

Bedbugs can hide everywhere, so this is not a comprehensive list. When you find bedbugs in your home, calling a professional is highly recommend. Don’t wait because the bedbugs will reproduce and spread throughout your home before you know it.

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